Wednesday, October 2, 2013

fashion crisis

As I've mentioned before, we've decided that it's time for me to return to work! It was definitely a difficult decision, because I do love staying home with D every day. But, as I'm sure many other stay-at-home moms can attest, it can be very isolating. Especially if, like in my case, you are brand new to a city and don't have a network yet. I would never had considered putting D in daycare 6 months ago- I would have gone crazy first- but now that he's almost a year old, we feel like it's time for him to start getting some socialization (mommy needs some socialization, too!). We found a great, Christian based daycare that I think he'll be really happy in. My biggest fear? Every single one of those children was seriously snot nosed! Any tips on keeping him from getting sick when he starts? Blech.

In addition to my daycare fears, I'm also re-entering the workforce for the first time in almost a year. I have a few interviews lined up, but my biggest challenge at this point is that it's been 10 months since I've had to get dressed for work, and for almost a year before that, it was all maternity clothes! So, needless to say, my wardrobe is pretty limited. It's mostly jeans, tees, and sweatshirts these days- if I ever make it out of my pajamas, that is! So, I've been thinking about how to revamp my wardrobe to make it more career-friendly. I'll have to wait until I'm actually offered a job, so I know what the dress code is, but you know I've started scouring Target for ideas! I recently bought these boots, which I loooove, and wanted to create an outfit to go with them! This outfit is great for a job interview, day at work, or church! I'd wear a dress, boots, and a scarf every day if I could!

All items from Target! Duh.

What kinds of things do you have your eye on for your Fall wardrobe this year?

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