Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I want you to stay (talking to you, fall)

Today was one of those rare, but glorious, days that start out rough and end beautifully. I started off running dumb errands and arguing with insurance companies, and ended playing in the leaves with a suuuuper excited D.

It was 60 degrees and sunny, the kind of perfect fall day that begs you to be outside. D and I split a turkey sandwich at Jimmy John's (the kid can eat, I tell you), hit up the library for story time and a little book browsing, played at the park and picked out a pumpkin. I swear, it was the sort of day that makes me want to be a stay at home mom forever! All that fun erased all the worries about stupid grown up things (pfft bills- lets play in the leaves!) and totally recharged my batteries.

Fall can go ahead and stay awhile, if you ask me.

1 comment:

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