Friday, April 19, 2013

High Five for Friday!

I'm sure you've all noticed my sporadic posting this week... Please forgive me! I know it may come as a surprise, but spending time with my family trumps blogging! I KNOW! Shocking! But seriously, if I go too many days without writing a post, I start getting antsy. I guess I've fallen head over heels for the blogging world.

This week has been super fun! If you're following me on Instagram (alaporte) then you've seen the delicious food my mom has been making every night. If there's one trait she did not pass on to me, it's her cooking skills!

My mom, grandma and I hit up Old Navy yesterday to take a peek at the baby clothes. Who knew they had such great stuff?! And cheaper than Walmart AND Target! I was so excited.

Froyo. Enough said.

My little man turned 4 months old this week, and his pediatrician told us to start cereal, which I was so excited about! I know some people recommend waiting till 6 months, but our doctor said it was more developmental than nutritional. D is having a ball with it, and is doing great! Learning to eat off a spoon is a super exciting step in his life :)

Just because I didn't have a daughter, doesn't mean I can't do mama+mini matching outfits!

How was your week??

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