Tuesday, August 20, 2013

the big news

I alluded to our big news a little bit in this post, and now I think we are finally ready to share! All our family and *most* of our friends have been told, so I've gotten the go ahead from command central, a.k.a. the hubs,  to share it with the interwebs :)

After much thought and soul-searching, God has led us to make the HUGE decision to move from North Carolina to MONTANA!

Why are we moving 2,000 miles away, you ask?

Several reasons. We've been unhappy where we are for quite some time now, and my husband has been trying to find a new position in the field he's passionate about, IT, and it's just not happening here. We have been struggling with being on our own with a new baby (our closest family is a 6 hour drive) and feeling overwhelmed and isolated. We want D to grow up around family, which really gives us two options. We could move nearer to my husband's family, which is up near DC- very densely populated, crowded, and traffic like you wouldn't believe. NOT our cup of tea.

Or, we could move near my parents, to Montana. Where the entire state has less than 1 million people. The closest mall is 2 hours away. 3 hours from Yellowstone. 2 hours from Glacier Park. 8 hours from Seattle, 8 hours from Canada... you get my drift.

Montana just suits the lifestyle we strive for better. We aspire to be the type of people who see the world, not own it. Because granted, this move will set us back considerably. We were on the verge of buying our first house here, and that will be put on the back burner in Montana. We are having to get rid of quite a bit of our furniture to make our 5 day road trip easier, which means we will be furnishing our home all over again (which, really, is kind of exciting). We will be staying with my parents for several weeks while we find a place and get settled. Yikes.

But, none of those things really matter, in the long run. What matters is our family's happiness, and we truly believe that God is leading us to Montana. It is definitely going to be an adjustment to move from a state that can hit 80 degrees in December, to a state that barely hits 80 degrees in July. Montana is notorious for harsh winters; but, also well known for beautiful hiking, lakes, skiing, horseback riding, and all of the outdoor activities that our family loves.

We are nervous, but infinitely more excited. I know that this decision is part of God's plan for our family, and I can find peace in that. The next few weeks will be challenging, tiring, and sad, but we just have to keep our eye on the final prize- it's all about crafting the life you want for yourself. If you are unhappy with where you are, change it. Nothing is permanent, nothing is static. Everything is constantly changing, and we should free ourselves to adapt with it.

The blog is about to get really exciting, as we will be documenting this craaazy cross country move. I will be flying with baby D, but my husband, dad and brother will be driving 2,000 miles across the country, and you can bet I will be recruiting them for some guest posts about their travels!! I'm super jealous, as I'd love a cross country road trip... but you KNOW I'm not about to drive for 5 days with an 8 month old.

Ain't nobody got time for that.


  1. WOO! Sometimes I wish we could pack up and move closer to family as well... its been over 8 years since I have seen any one except my mom... But its exciting being on my own lolz Quick question though... since u are going to have to buy all new furniture again are you still going to go with the nautical theme? or are you going to go in a whole new direction?

    1. Yes we are! It might be kind of out of place in Montana lol but I love it!