Monday, September 12, 2016

Back at it!

It's so weird to me how I have such a hard time keeping up with this blog. I literally read blogs EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. So why on earth wouldn't I remember to update my own?! The brain of a sleep deprived mom, I suppose.

It's been a few months since I've checked in, so let's do some kiddo updates!

Dylan: 3.5 years old
This kid is a spitfire. He has the biggest personality, always chatting up strangers, telling them his life story, or walking up to random kids at the playground and declaring them "BEST FRIENDS!" He is a running, jumping, climbing, loud bundle of pure BOY. He is so brave and nothing phases him. We recently took our annual vacation to the Outer Banks and he wanted to climb the Currituck Lighthouse with the big kids. Mike and I couldn't go up, so he went up with his cousins, and was so brave! His favorite foods are ice cream, candy, or cookies.. go figure. He's recently become a picky eater and has to be bribed to eat dinner just about every night (although, my sister-in-law recently told me that instead of bribes, they call them 'goal incentives'... I'm going to start using that!!).

He started preschool last week and absolutely loves it. He is such a social person, it does his little heart so much good to be surrounded by kids to play with. He starts soccer this week, with his first game on Saturday, and I am so excited to watch him!

Hannah: 8 months old
You know how people say most 2nd born children are more chill and relaxed? HA! This girl is just as wild as her brother, giving mama and daddy a run for our money. She has recently learned to crawl and will follow me around the house, begging to be picked up. She is a mama's girl through and through, and would happily be held or nursed all day long. She sleeps like absolute crap, most recently waking up around 4 times a night. I'm hoping that's the 8 month sleep regression and we will get back to 1 or 2 times a night soon, but until then just give me all the caffeine. I've tried sleep training a few times and it just doesn't look like it's going to work for us this time around. She is the sweetest little snuggler, and her little smile with 2 teeth peeking out is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. She is shy with the full smile, she usually gives people a closed mouth smirk, so when she really goes for it, it lights up a room. I can't believe how fast she's grown, it's been like lightning speed the second time around.

She loves her big brother; watching him and eating his toys are her favorite pastimes. She also is obsessed with the cats (we have one and are cat-sitting for a friend as well, so it's like crazy cat lady over here) and she and our new puppy Molly are fast friends.

My kiddos are growing up so fast and I'm hoping to be better about keeping up with it all here on the blog! Follow along on Instagram and Snapchat for more daily updates! (ashley.laporte on snap and alaporte on Insta)

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