Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Favorite Baby Items

As a second time mom, I am by no means an expert on all things baby related, but I do feel like I have some serious experience under my belt! There have been a few items that I've used in the past three years that have made motherhood so much easier that I'd like to share with you!

Ikea ANTILOP Highchair

This highchair is AMAZING! With my first child, I bought a super expensive, padded, fancy highchair- and I immediately regretted it. Trying to get smooshed banana out of that padding after every meal? No thank you! This highchair is so budget friendly, and amazingly easy to clean. It's super cute and streamlined too, so it doesn't draw too much attention to itself. No one wants a spaceship looking highchair in their dining room!

HoMedics Noise Machine

I swear by white noise for sleep for my babies! I love it too, but it's especially sweet for getting those little babes to fall asleep and STAY asleep! We live in a smaller home, and this is great for drowning out any noise we may make after the kids go to sleep. I have two of this particular one and they are great!


I am still using the same glider that I had when Dylan was a baby, and it has held up like a champ! I have always loved rocking my babies and find that it's an amazing way to cuddle and bond at bedtime. 


I've had my eye on a teepee for my kids for years, and I recently found the ultimate deal on one from Target on clearance! The kids have had such a blast playing in it, it's equal fun for Dylan, who is almost 4 and Hannah, who is 9 months! It's rare that I find something they both enjoy playing with so much!

Vera Bradley Diaper Bag

Now, I know Vera Bradley is not everyone's cup of tea. I, for one, have always loved it and have a pretty extensive collection. I even have Vera Bradley potholders! But, my love for the patterns aside, let me tell you- this is THE BEST diaper bag. Tons of pockets, easily washable, lined interior for easy wiping, lightweight, long straps... I could go on and on. It also comes with a coordinating changing pad! I got mine when Dylan was a baby and am using it again with Hannah! And, bonus! It doubles as an amazing overnight bag! 

There you have it! My most used and my most loved baby products. I hope you enjoy!

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