Wednesday, September 18, 2013

a pumpkin flavored life

Well, it's finally happened.

The most exciting day of the year.

Fall officially arrived!! (I get excited, ok?)

Yesterday it was dark, dreary, rainy, and 55 degrees, max. I was ecstatic! I got to break out my boots for running errands, which made my little heart jump for joy. Then I realized my ENTIRE (extensive) scarf collection was in a box in the dark recesses of my storage unit, and I cried a little.

Then, when I tried to get D dressed, I realized all of his pants were 3 inches too short! Baby man-pris are a good look for no one, so a-shopping we did go!

I get a special kind of glee from shopping for baby clothes...tiny little cargo pants? I mean, really.

And, because it was just too damn cute to pass up, the teddy bear hat. I die.

Could I be any more excited for Fall? According to the locals, we will have snow by Halloween, so my Autumn season will be fast and furious. I've already researched all the local pumpkin patches and fall festivals, and can't wait for the cuteness overload of D in a pumpkin patch.

Break out your pumpkin flavored everything, girls, because it's officially Fall!!

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