Thursday, February 21, 2013

jealousy, thy name is bruno

My dog hates my baby.

There! I said it.

My husband swears this is not the case. He says that Bruno just needs more attention, he feels under-appreciated (does he contribute? should I appreciate his ability to sleep for 15 a hours a day on MY couch?), he just needs a little more affection.

Now, you have to understand. Bruno is going on 10 years old, and was the most spoiled rotten dog you have ever seen before D came along. He slept in bed with us, laid on the couch at night watching TV with us, and got a walk every. single. day.

Fast forward to now and he's lucky if I remember to feed him every day. I'm totally kidding... sort of.

I realize that I have probably been slacking in my fur-mommy duties, but it's just one more thing to add to an already super long list of things I have to do each day. 

Today Bruno made his feelings known. I decided to let him up on the bed to snuggle with me and D this morning. This is usually not an issue, as he just curls up and falls asleep.

Not today, people.

He came over to little D, lying there all happy and wide eyed, and promptly SWATTED AT HIM WITH HIS HUGE DOG PAW!!!

Oh my goodness, I almost died. After the screaming and yelling died down, and Bruno had run away with his tail tucked, I realized that my (very smart) husband may be on to something with this jealousy thing. 
So, I'm going to try to forgive and forget (since the baby was just fine) and start paying more attention to the little fur baby.

Bruno's life pre-baby:
In our bed. With his butt on my pillow.

It's a dog's life.

The day I went into labor. It's like he knew what was coming.

He likes to adjust pillows until he's comfortable.

He loves the beach, as do I.

Bruno's life post-baby:

He's hiding behind the Eeyore style.

I forgot about him outside in the snow. He was not happy.

So, maybe husband has a point. I should probably spend a little more time with the furry love in my life.

He is pretty cute.

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