Saturday, February 16, 2013

the passage

I hope you enjoyed this wonderful Saturday! We got a rare snow, which was beautiful and made me sooo happy. That's the one downside to living by the beach... winter weather is scarce!

Today's book is The Passage by Justin Cronin. This book was recommended to me by my dad. We share similar interests as far as our reading preferences go, so generally speaking, if he recommends it, then it must be good. (I can't say the same for me... he's not too impressed with The Bronze Horseman. Too much emotion for a dude? If the gagging and eye-rolling are any indication, probably so :)

Book: The Passage
Author: Justin Cronin
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Fiction
Series: The first in a planned trilogy
Pages: 771

This book begins in 2014 and details the beginning of a global apocalypse. A group of scientists in South America stumble across a species of bat carrying an extremely deadly virus. That virus makes it's way into the hands of the American government, who obviously begin experimenting on how to utilize it as a weapon (because really, doesn't creating a whole bunch of crazy vampires sound like the smartest idea?).  
Their test subjects are twelve convicted murderers and rapists, all waiting for sentences to be carried out on death row. The virus changes these men in unexpected ways. They become superhuman, animalistic, with a thirst for human blood.

The vampires in The Passage do not sparkle.
They do not "vant to suck your blaaaaad".
They do not run night clubs in Louisiana.

Yeesh. Now that is a terrifying sight.

These vampires will rip you limb from limb and devour the flesh from your bones with mindless abandon.
*Hungry yet?*

When the test facility is breached and the virals are set loose, they set off a global pandemic. The world, for all intents and purposes, ends.

Fast forward ninety years.
Colonies of survivors are trying to make it day to day in a world completely devoid of humanity. They must live under the glare of bright lights nightly, just to ward off the virals that lurk in the dark. They have not had any contact with anyone else in years and years, and they believe they are the only humans left.

The only hope for the survival of humanity is one very special young girl, infected with a strain of the virus that leaves her functioning as a human, with heightened senses and abilities. 

People, let me tell you. This book is AWESOME. It is what I think the world would actually be like if a vampire epidemic spread across the country (yes, I spend time thinking about these things).
It is a fairly lengthy read, but I feel like this is necessary to tell all the facets of the story. Each story line is vital, and the author does not skimp on plot twists and character development. 

I devoured this book in a matter of hours. Like a bloodthirsty, maniac, serial-killer vampire.
Too much? 

The story behind the beginning of this novel is adorable. Justin Cronin began writing when his daughter asked him to write a story about a girl who saves the world- love that.
The book debuted at #3 on the New York Times Bestseller List, and was called "one of the creepiest books of 2010". 

It is an absolute must read. It is the first in a planned trilogy; the second book is called The Twelve (I'm starting it excited!!) The third book, called The City of Mirrors, is set to be released in 2014.

Let me know what you think of this book!

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