Monday, February 25, 2013

life of pi

Happy Monday folks!

 I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I have been trying so hard to finish just one book.. ONE BOOK! Usually that takes me about 4 hours, but finding 4 hours of uninterrupted time is scarce these days. I'm about halfway through The Twelve (sequel to The Passage) and it is AH-MAZING! I've had nightmares every single night about how I would evacuate my little tiny human child should a vampire epidemic occur. It's a tad scary.. but awesome!!

This weekend, I had my mystery guest (a post on that is forthcoming!!) and we had an epic movie marathon on Saturday, due to the monsoon outside. We ended up watching Life of Pi.

You know how I feel about movie adaptions.
But let me tell you, this movie was soooo true to the book. It was also breathtakingly beautiful, and I would recommend you watch it. AFTER YOU READ THE BOOK! 

Don't spoil the surprise ending by taking the lazy way out!

Book: Life of Pi
Author: Yann Martel
Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Series: None
Pages: 326

This book is considered one of the classic novels that everyone must read. It took me so long to read it, however, because I thought it was about math.

I hate math.

Trust me when I tell you, there is no math involved, other than Piscine "Pi" Patel explaining his nickname. 

Pi is a teenage boy, living in India with his family. His father owns a zoo, and Pi grows up with the animals. He has a good understanding of animal psychology, and believes that animals have souls. 

Raised a Hindu, at the age of 14 Pi begins introducing himself to Islam and Christianity. He finds something in each religion that speaks to him, and eventually follows all three. When his father asks him why, he states that he "just wants to love God". 

One day, Pi's father tells the family that he is selling the zoo, and moving the family to Canada. They will take a Japanese cargo ship, because Mr. Patel will be taking the animals with him to see in Ontario, as he believes he can get a better price. 

During a violent storm, the ship begins to sink, and Pi is thrown into a lifeboat by a crew member while trying to reach his family. The ropes holding the boat break, and Pi is set adrift in the rolling sea alone. Just as he is floating away, a zebra leaps aboard the lifeboat, breaking it's leg. A hyena swims to the boat and jumps aboard, and the orangutan, Orange Juice, floats to the boat on a bunch of bananas. Once the storm settles, Pi realizes that the Bengal tiger, named Richard Parker, is hiding under the tarpaulin on the boat. So Pi finds himself adrift in the ocean, in a lifeboat with a hyena, an orangutan, and a Bengal tiger. 

What follows is an incredible story of the power of faith, endurance, and the human mind. There is a serious twist at the end, one that makes you question everything you've learned during Pi's tale.

It is an amazing book, people. One of those that stays with you.

I usually don't recommend the movie adaptions of books. There is just something about reading a book, a movie just cannot compete with the richness your own mind can give a story. But this movie is breathtaking. It is completely true to the story, and gives such rich visual detail that it just enhances the story I already knew in my mind. 

So, read the book first, then watch the movie. You won't be disappointed.

I'll leave you with some scenes from the movie.


  1. I loved Life of Pi (the book), I haven't seen the movie yet. I'm also a religious believer in book before movie. If I don't have time to read the book, then I shouldn't waste time watching the movie.

    My only exception: Lord of the Rings.

    1. I completely agree! I'm so glad you liked the book! You should definitely check out the movie, if you have the 2 hours to spare (it's a tad lengthy). Thanks for reading!!

  2. I'm so glad you reviewed this book! I heard it was a good read but I've been avoiding it since the title gives me geometry Now I'm going to read it for sure :-)