Friday, March 15, 2013

Bloglovin?! Google Reader?! GFC?!

I guess I'm super behind the times. Apparently Google Reader is going bye-bye soon, and everyone is scrambling to get their bloggy-booty over to Bloglovin', which is a pretty nice, easy way to follow your blogs. I have no idea if I actually use Google Reader, or GFC, or whatever. All I do is go to Blogger and look at my reading list!! Perhaps I am not tech savvy? A bloggy newbie? An embarrassment to the blogging community??? 

Entirely possible.

Not Tumblr. The missing 'E' bothers me. But you get the point.

Anyhoo, I would absolutely love it if you would follow me over at Bloglovin'! You can click the little link to the right, or go here.

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