Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ninety. Needle. Sticks.

*Disclaimer: I'm going to share some pictures that you might think are gross. Sorry, but I think they're necessary for the story. Hopefully you aren't too grossed out!! This is fair warning :)

You may remember this post where I told you all about the random, but aggressive allergic reaction I kept having. Hives, itching, trouble breathing, and feeling like my throat was closing up.... it was super fun. There's nothing quite like waking up at 3 am feeling like you're suffocating to death.

I'll keep this picture small, since it is fairly gross. I was covered, head to toe, in these for about 2 weeks straight, along with wheezing, trouble breathing, and feeling like my throat was closing up.

So cute. Really. It's a good look for me.

After several trips to Urgent Care, steroid shots, medications, and a gazillion milligrams of Benadryl, I was finally referred to an allergist. No one could figure out what was triggering the reactions, as I hadn't changed any products or detergents, and couldn't pinpoint a single thing that was starting it. 

So, yesterday, I headed to the allergist. I did not have a choice in the appointment date or time, so of course, I had to take D with me. I was obviously given the wrong address, so I got lost and ended up getting there 30 minutes late. Starting things out on a positive note.

I'm thrilled to be here. No really.

The nurse explained how the allergy test was going to work, and what our next steps would be. Then she cleaned my back and arms, and proceeded to STICK ME WITH A NEEDLE NINETY TIMES!

 Literally. Ninety. Times.

If you don't absolutely need an allergy test, I would highly recommend you steer clear. It ain't fun.

Basically, they insert 90 different allergens under the skin with a needle, and wait to see if you have a reaction. It looks like this:

Again, small photo. It's unpleasant looking.

I had to wait 25 minutes for the results, so the doctor came in to talk to me during that time. He was a rude old man, let me tell you.

He made snide comments about me bringing D to the appointment!!! 

I'm sorry, Mr. Fancy Allergy Doctor, but I was not given a choice in this appointment, and since it was fairly important that I get it done SO I DON'T CHOKE TO DEATH DURING ANAPHYLACTIC SHOCK, I didn't reschedule for a day I could get a babysitter. I thought you'd be okay with having a tiny little well-behaved human in your exam room, but apparently not.

The kid was an angel. Obviously Mr. Fancy Allergy Doctor is a heartless old codger who doesn't like babies.

But I digress.

So, he explains the results of the test to me. Out of ninety environmental triggers, I'm only allergic to two of them!! Dust mites and fire ants. Weird.

But apparently, my allergy to fire ants is extremely significant, and he suggested that I start immunotherapy, which basically means I'd have to get shots twice a week for 5 years.

So. Not. Happening.

I think I can steer clear of the fire ants, thank you very much. So he gave me an epi-pen in case I get bitten, so I won't die. Fun.

But, the kicker is, he doesn't think that's what caused the reaction. I have to go back next week to have another ninety sticks done, this time for food allergies. He thinks I have developed some kind of severe food allergy that caused the reactions.

If it's to chocolate, I quit life.


  1. Oh my goodness girl! That looks painful! I had allergy testing done when I was little and thankfully I barely remember it. Seems weird that they didn't start with the food stuff rather than going right to fire ants...but hey, what do I know?? Lol Fingers crossed that you and chocolate can still be friends :-)

  2. Bless your heart! Good luck with all those test, hopefully they will get to the bottom of it next go around! Also - I nominated you for a liebster award on my blog! I hope you have the time to do it, it was so much fun!

  3. I dont know how i missed this one cuz.... i had a scary eppisode about 2 years ago now, when we were little i used to eat sunflower seeds like no ones business, id eat them straight from the flower if i could... about 2 years ago i got a little bag of them to snack on, i was watching tv with my mom and popped a handfull in my mouth, all of a sudden i couldnt breath, it was like an asthma attack but my inhaler wasnt helping... now i find outim allergic i cant even use sunflower oil when cooking! Sometimes i guess something just switches off for some strange reason... my dr said mine wasnt bad enough to require an epi pen but if im eating something and feel my throat get uncomfortable to stop... i hope that mr rudey tudey can tell you what was wrong... and btw how discraceful for him to act that way with little D, as long as he was well behaved and not screaming bloody murder why should anyone ESPECIALLY the doctor complain? What if little D was the one there to see him?!