Sunday, March 3, 2013

review - the art of racing in the rain

Book: The Art of Racing in the Rain
Author: Garth Stein
Genre: Fiction
Series: None
Pages: 321

Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking? You all know the looks they give you, where it seems like they are on the precipice of speaking. Any dog lover knows that there is a million thoughts going on behind those big beautiful eyes.
This book is told from a dog's perspective.

Totally awesome, right? 

This book was gifted to my husband (who isn't much of a reader) so obviously I thieved it away. I had not heard of it, and had no preconceived notions, and so was pleasantly surprised when I realized it was the dog, Enzo, telling the story.

Enzo's owner is Denny Swift, a race-car driver. Enzo takes us through his entire life with Denny, from the moment he is brought home, to Denny's marriage and the birth of his child, the ups and downs and tragedies of life, to the very end. Enzo is a particularly intelligent dog, and believes in a Mongolian legend that says if a dog is truly prepared, he will be reincarnated as a human in his next life. It is Enzo's mission to become prepared.

This dog has a mantra. A freaking awesome mantra. That I should probably have tattooed on my forehead.

"That which you manifest is before you"

I knew dogs were the smartest out of all of us. Enzo plans, and prepares, and lives his life in such a way that he would do anything for his owner, and wants nothing more than to be reincarnated to be Denny's human companion, as well. 

Get ready for the tissues, people. The last three pages of this book will have you sobbing. But not in a "Marley and Me" way. In an incredibly joyous, disbelieving sort of way. 

Go read it right this second. I am not joking.
Get it here.

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